Tratamiento de columna vertebral mínimamente invasivo en el centro de Ohio

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At Pain Zero, our experienced team understands that spinal pain, numbness, limited mobility, and more can be caused by a variety of spinal injuries and conditions. We also understand that, even though treatments such as steroid injections, physical rehabilitation, and others may have proven ineffective at treating your specific pain, many patients still would prefer to avoid surgery, with its higher cost and longer recovery time. That's why we offer several effective minimally invasive spine treatment options to help reduce back pain and improve function. Minimally invasive surgical spine treatments at Pain Zero are recommended for patients who have tried other ways to treat their pain and spinal conditions with mediocre outcomes. We provide multiple treatment options that can be customized for your needs, including discectomies, annuloplasty, lumbar spinal fusion, and more. If you've tried other nonsurgical treatments with little to no result, contact our offices in New Albany, OH and Westerville, OH to schedule a consultation. Let us help you get the effective pain relief you need to achieve a better quality of life.

Ya sea que nuestro especialista en dolor recomiende una discectomía, anuloplastia, nucleoplastia, espaciador, fusión de la columna lumbar o fusión SIJ, estos diferentes procedimientos médicos para la columna comparten varios atributos, como:

  • Realizado de forma segura en un entorno ambulatorio
  • Tiempo de recuperación más fácil y rápido que la cirugía tradicional
  • Reduce la posibilidad de cortar tejidos blandos y músculos para acceder a la columna vertebral
  • Requiere incisiones más pequeñas con menos pérdida de sangre.

Si los métodos no quirúrgicos no han reducido su dolor y otros síntomas, y desea hablar sobre su afección de la columna con nuestros médicos experimentados en el control del dolor, comuníquese con Pain Zero en el centro de Ohio para iniciar el proceso de una posible cirugía de columna mínimamente invasiva.

Depending on your needs, our team can choose from a variety of the latest effective treatment options to help you find relief. We begin by listening to your concerns and goals for treatment. Then, we will conduct a thorough examination to pinpoint the root cause or causes of your pain and to determine which treatment will be most successful. At Pain Zero, we specialize in the following surgeries to relieve pain only when nonsurgical treatments have failed:

  • Discectomía – This involves the removal of a damaged portion of an intervertebral disk that causes pain, weakness, or numbness. A discectomy produces the best results for herniated disks that cause pain that radiates into the arms and legs.
  • Anuloplastia – This minimally invasive treatment addresses a bulging or herniated disk in the lower back to reduce pain and other symptoms in the back, buttocks, leg, and foot. Also called intradiscal electrothermal therapy, this treatment uses controlled thermal energy to close disk wall tears.
  • Nucleoplastia – For patients with severe, prolonged back pain from a herniated disk that hasn't responded to other treatment methods, nucleoplasty offers an effective, minimally invasive solution. Using image guidance, our team can remove a small amount of herniated disk tissue with targeted thermal energy to decompress herniated disks. This helps relieve pressure on the nerves to reduce pain and restore mobility.
  • espaciador – This procedure implants interspinous spacers in the lower spine to relieve the symptoms of spinal stenosis. By providing more space between affected vertebrae, spacers reduce spinal compression and free compressed nerves that can cause pain and other symptoms.
  • Fusión espinal lumbar – Spinal fusion can treat herniated or damaged disks, spinal weakness or instability, or spinal deformities. This procedure fuses two or more vertebrae and prevents any movement between the fused vertebrae.
  • Fusión de la articulación sacroilíaca (SIJ) – SIJ injerta el ilion (pelvis) y el sacro (la parte más baja de la columna por encima del coxis) para estabilizar una lesión y aliviar el dolor.

Your quality of life can be greatly affected by the pain and discomfort caused by spinal conditions and injuries. Every aspect of life from work and play to getting proper sleep — even our relationships with friends and family — can be negatively impacted. That's why our experienced team at Pain Zero offers innovative, minimally invasive spine treatments to address your condition safely and effectively without surgery. If you're in Central Ohio and are ready to experience real relief, contact our offices in New Albany, OH and Westerville, OH to learn more about our minimally invasive spinal treatments and to schedule a consultation. Let us work with you to find the right treatment to help you live freely and more comfortably.

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